Bfd2 инструкция

bfd2 инструкция
There are over 90 kit pieces in BFD2 including 10 Full kits, 8 hihats, 23 cymbals, 16 snares and an extra kick!Back To TopIs there any latency built into BFD2? No. BFD2 has the first part of every sample loaded into RAM for immediate playback. Henry Hirsch is credited with being the impetus behind the vintage gear movement in the recording industry that continues today. He began his career in Berlin in the late 70’s as a studio musician playing the piano. The comprehensive nature of the sampling strategy used allows BFD2 to offers two key performance elements.

The PDF manual gives the full details but all the BFD2 sounds were recorded in Studio 1 at AIR Studios in London, using a combination of vintage and high-quality modern equipment. Imported samples are used to create a kit-piece which can be loaded into a slot in the normal way. Ken has recorded timeless songs such as «I Am The Walrus», «Rocket Man», «Ziggy Stardust», «Dreamer», «Walk On The Wild Side» and many others. Imported kit-pieces can have only 1 articulation.Back To TopDoes the standalone support multiple outputs? However, the Drum Track, located above the Editor, provides an alternative approach, as Grooves can also be dragged and dropped here for arranging. Earlier versions do not feature a multi-output standalone application.

You can record Groove events live via MIDI in real time. BFD2 provides a single-track arrangement lane for Grooves, so you can create a full drum track entirely within BFD2. You can export single Grooves, multiple Grooves or the drum track as MIDI or audio, with multiple channels if required. The Automation section of this page, as its name suggests, allows BFD2’s controls to be automated via your host sequencer. However, for those serious about their acoustic drum sounds, BFD2 is an equally serious application. It might be a little daunting at first but this just reflects the sophisticated control on offer. While the overhaul of the user interface is the first obvious change for BFD2, the sample data is also entirely new. However, you can use any lightweight plugin host to run the BFD2 plugin for multiple outputs. The user interface has been completely redesigned and, as well as comprehensive mixing capabilities, the new version also includes over 5000 drum grooves and a Cubase-like drum-pattern editor. As before, BFD2 works as a VST, RTAS and AU plug-in, and as a stand-alone application.

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