Руководство panasonic kx

руководство panasonic kx
Please use the handset close to the base unit. For assistance, please visit Page 16: Language Settings, Date/time, Smart Function Key 12-hour clock format is used. function key, the speakerphone is activated. Page 12: Battery Charging, Note When Setting Up, Intelligent Eco Mode R Use the supplied rechargeable batteries. feature is activated. Page 80 Cuando instale las baterías por primera vez, es posible que aparezca “Date and time Press SELECT”. Oprima {OFF} para salir. Note: R Use only the supplied Panasonic AC adaptor PNLV226. R Follow the directions on the display to set up the unit.

For assistance, please visit Page 26: Power Back-up Operation For Landline “Base no a power failure. When the other party answers, speak into When you finish talking, press MZN. the microphone. The CELL indicators show each cellular line – A Bluetooth headset is not status. paired to the base unit.

Support Download Technical Information Open Source Software Information Banner area begins from here. Page 13: Controls – MFN W: View the phonebook entry. – MEN REDIAL: View the redial list. – MCN CID (Caller ID): View the caller list. Press M N, then press MOFFN. – KX-TGE260 series: Even if the cellular phone answers, you cannot talk with the cellular phone. To end the call, press Using the Smart function key MLOCATES CELLN on the base unit. Press * (Edit) repeatedly until the phone number is shown in the desired format.

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