Инструкция к мк-51

инструкция к мк-51
The value read is the transfer to the directly addressed byte indicated. No flags are affected. When adding signed integers, OV indicates a negative number produced as the sum of two positive operands or a positive sum from two negative operands. The high-order and low-order bytes of the PC are then loaded, respectively, with the second and third bytes of the LCALL in- struction. The utility could have pushed these registers onto the sta. The high-order five bits of the destination address are taken from the high-order five bits of the incremented program counter. When powered down, the 8051 consumes about 10% of its normal operating power.

Ordering Info | Products List | Price List | Distributors | Technical Support | Catalog | About usContact us | Site-Map | Software Updates | Demo Software | News Letters | Home Page If you encounter problems, or have comments concerning this site, please contact our webmaster. One of these five addressing modes, however, operates on both bytes and bits. There are two simple ways to execute this last step, assuming the 16-bit destination address has already been computed. With one instruction, the 8051 can switch register banks versus the time consuming task of transferring the critical registers to the stack, or designated RAM locations. Registers DPH and DPL contain 12H and OFEH, respectively. The manual provides a com- prehensive reference guide for the 8051 family.

Bit moves into the carry flag; the original value of the carry flag moves into the bit 7 position. No other flags are affected. Most 8051 systems respect this distinction, and so are unable to download and directly execute new programs. Register contains 7EH (01 1111 HOB). Internal RAM locations 7EH and 7FH contain OFFH and 40H, respectively.

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