Samsung gt-18262mbasek инструкция пользователя

samsung gt-18262mbasek инструкция пользователя
And just press the Volume up button to land into downloading mode.  На этой странице Вы сможете скачать инструкции к телефонам Samsung. Page 23 Basics Flicking Flick left or right on the Home screen or the Applications screen to see another panel.

Chats are automatically saved. To delete chat the history, tap Google+ Use this application to stay connected with people via Google’s social network service. The selected text is copied to the clipboard. To paste it into a text entry field, place the cursor at the point where it should be inserted, and →… Page 34: Setting Up Accounts Select the network in the networks list, and then tap Forget. Sending and receiving data Many applications support data transfer via Bluetooth. Page 50: Reading Messages Communication Sending scheduled messages → Schedule sending. The device is only compatible with some Samsung printers. • R ename: Rename the file.

Remove the back cover. Be careful not to damage your fingernails when you remove the back cover. Do not bend or twist the back cover excessively. Page 28: Setting Wallpaper Basics Moving an item Tap and hold an item and drag it to a new location. To move it to another panel, drag it to the side of the screen. Page 81: Calculator, Voice Recorder Utilities Calculator Use this application for simple or complex calculations. Page 105: Troubleshooting • R estart your device to clear any temporary software bugs. • E nsure that your device software is upgraded to the latest version. • I f the touch screen is scratched or damaged, take it to your local Samsung Service Centre.

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