Инструкция дозиметр поиск-2

инструкция дозиметр поиск-2
The leak test procedure is shown in Figure 2. In the event of pump leakage that cannot be repaired in the field, send the pump to the CTC for repair. Появится предупреждение «опасный радиационный фон», включится звуковое оповещение. ПРОЦЕСС ИЗМЕРЕНИЯ Выберите режим «Измерение» или «Поиск», поднесите дозиметр к измеряемому объекту, оцените результат. Condensation Nuclei Counters Application and Principle of Operation Condensation nuclei counters take particles too small to be easily detected, enlarge them to a detectable size, and then count them.

Span Gas Cylinder Recycling is available for empty span (calibration) gas cylinders obtained through the AESP. Order of testing:Confined spaces, such as sewers and well pits, commonly contain a hazardous atmosphere which may be oxygen deficient and contain a flammable or toxic gas. Check the manufacturer’s user manual for details. C. Other Air Velocity Meters Other types of air velocity meters include rotating vane and swinging vane velometers. Meter alarms are usually set to indicate an oxygen deficient atmosphere at concentrations lower than 19.5 percent and an oxygen rich atmosphere at concentrations greater than 23.5 percent. This information is provided as a reference for specially trained personnel and is not generally intended for CSHO use. Exceeding these exposure limits makes it difficult for passengers to eat, read or write when traveling.

The kit also includes booklets of M8 paper for detecting liquid agents. C-2 Detector Kit The C-2 Chemical Agent Detector Kit is used by the Canadian Military for detecting chemical agent vapors. The instrument is controlled by a Palm™ hand-held computer platform and operating system which communicates with a standard modular detector board to perform all counting operations. Special Considerations Certain instruments have been designed to satisfy the requirements for intrinsically safe operation in methane-air mixtures. Over time, the output of the lamp will be reduced. A spare lamp is sometimes included in the case.

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