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Again, all of the incoming VHF channels must go through the converter box and they are delivered to the VCR on the output channel of the converter box, let’s say Channel 3. (Notice the absence of any UHF connections. The ultimate choice of the compression/expansion ratio is a good example. With this single idea, Non Linear Systems set two bold precedents. It made clumsy analog systems a thing of the past. Plus: Z-axis modulation, trace rotation, front panel X-Y operation for all four scope models, and X10 sweep magnification.

But a very real part of the polygraph’s usefulness Is the «Hieronymus Effect,» which we’ll get to in a moment. SPIES AND COUNTERSPIES During wartime, counterintelligence experts wondered if science could come up with something simpler than the polygraph to help ferret out spies. You simply remove the new space-age audio product of the year. stays on no matter what the activity. The inventor was awarded a patent for his idea and brought it to JS&A. We took the idea and ou’ engineers produced a very sensitive yet powerful AM/FM multiplex radio called the Bone Fone. There is no firm rule as to where the limit switches must be located-the objective is to place them so that they will be turned on by some moving part of the arm in time to stop its motion before damage occurs. Wiring and testing A wiring diagram for the motor, solenoids, and microswitches, with their associated controls, is shown in Fig. 18. The eight -position terminal strip illustrated is actually part of a 32 -position strip, which will terminate all motor and switch connections. The 2:1 ratio is not enough, however, to overcome noise pumping completely.
Here’s the only hand held 31/2 DMM with full info LCD readout: Function (V, A or fû), Amount (numeric value) and whether AC or DC. Also the only one with full range high and low power ohms. The antennas were switched through a Daiwa CS -201 UHF coaxial antenna switch. Since we are using DC motors, reversing the current flow in the windings (connecting the power source «backwards») will make them turn in the opposite direction. Color -code the wiring to simplify circuit tracing and make sure that everything goes to the right place and that you have electrical continuity. How Non-Linear Systems has done it for three decades. ._ ON ` PWR OFF SIG HI o U SIGLO l 13A The new Touch Test 20 DMM weighs only 2 lbs. 4 oz.

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